Halvar Ellingsen

Previously he worked for several of the finest restaurants in Norway; Bagatelle. Head chef of Palace Grill. Sous chef of Ylajali and Arakataka. He was on the National Culinary Team, had won the National Culinary Championship, and been awarded culinary prizes. He longed to do something different. Build something from scratch. Kvitnes farm had all the potential. With ambitious land owner Helge Mørck on board, his relentless approach was facilitated for.

We believe in the afterlife.
We call it compost.
Everything starts and ends
with a good compost.

— Kvitnes farmer René

Born and raised in a familiy of gatherers, butchers and fishermen, Halvar came to appreciate the value of traditionally discarded or disregarded ingredients. His profound respect for things which grow in our surroundings, is the foundation of the Kvitnes ideology.


The journey to a Kvitnes meal does not commence while the food is prepared in our kitchen. It takes years of preparations – a good compost, nutritious soil, wholesome feed, the right weather conditions, gentle harvesting and gracious slaying. Everything relies on everything, and if something shifts, everything shifts.

Kvitnes will let you experience tranquility, insight and flavours which will arouse your impulse to protect. The instinct which states that nature deserves preservation. Herein lay the key to our motivation. Working at Kvitnes is not another job, it is a shared idea. Everyone you will encounter - from the hosts to the farmer, the restaurant manager, waiters and chefs - strive to entice you as another advocate for this unique pantry which surrounds us.

Good flavours take their time to ripen. We are looking forward to serving you the evidence.


Executive chef Halvar, hostess Wanja, restaurant manager Cathrine, apprentices Iver, Asgeir, chefs Jens Didrik, Håkon, farmer René.