The history of Kvitnes

Christoffer G. Ellingsen, Halvars great-great-great-grandfather, bought the farm in 1855.

He introduced Northern Norway to steam boats and international trade, and thus transformed our lives and how we live in the north. His innovative momentum still prevails on the farm today. Like Christoffer, we have great ambitions for Kvitnes, and, in his spirit, we are all committed to our shared idea:

Each guest should be enticed to leave Kvitnes as another advocate for this unique pantry which surrounds us.

— René, farmer 


Christoffer G. Ellingsen
bought Kvitnes Farm


Christoffer G. Ellingsen
created Hindø Steamboat Company


Helge Mørck
bought Kvitnes Farm


Kvitnes Farm
opens to the public